The trouble with real life, I am discovering in this first month after college graduation, is that it is expensive. As I prepare to visit California and then spend 9 months in another country, I’m overwhelmed with how many things I have to buy. Plane tickets, new running shoes, medication, a camera, and then the materials for my visa, which include a birth certificate that cost 12 dollars and something else that will cost money.

The other problem is that there are no jobs in Ohio in the best of times, and now I am here for too little time to get any job that there would be; I already knew this, but now it’s frustrating that I’m buying things and needing things and watching the debits from my account increase much more than the credits.

I thought, of course, I’d solved this. I applied at an online freelance writing firm, to remain nameless, and when I was approved I thought oh, excellent, I can get paid in 15 dollar installments for little articles about interesting things, the numbers will just add up.

Well, just kidding. It’s infuriating how many times in just a couple of weeks I’ve been sent back to rewrite my “bio” again, which of course is tiny because I’ve done nothing, but they want to change the way in which I wrote my one sentence. Oh, come on.

Then there’s these articles. They said oh, write about what you know, write about what’s interesting. Well, the only sites I was approved to write for were two different answer/advice sites. The titles of the articles we are supposed to write come from, of all idiocies, random searches people made into these sites’ search engines. From that I am supposed to construct an informative article or set of instructions. The last one I tried to write I was criticized for using too much information, have too short an overview, and not referencing enough; the second time, after turning it in again, it was officially rejected just for still having too short an overview and other minor errors.

I just don’t think I’m made to write these sorts of articles. The details are picky, the website’s format had way too many boxes to fill, and honestly I don’t know who goes to sites like that to learn things rather than merely typing it in a search engine to get information, incidentally their advice for how writers should begin articles for this site.

In the meantime, I’m still unemployed. Alas.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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