Accepting Responsibilities…Speaking of Which, W00tStock

Colin Beavan, and his wonderful book No Impact Man, have been great inspirations for me. Today, he tweeted and blogged about the failure once again of congress to take a stand on a climate change bill. However, he also let us know what we all, each of us, can do to let our local representatives know that, frankly, their inaction pisses us off. Okay, he was more eloquent, but that was the point. If you go to this website, you can send a form letter to your local representatives, the majority leader, and Mr. President himself outlining their need to act. You can even add your own little words if you feel so inspired and inclined. Here’s what I added to mine:

“As a recent college graduate looking to the future and my life as a “responsible adult” in this world that holds so much beauty, I especially as that you and your peers, the “responsible adults” who hold much of it together, understand what that responsibility truly means, before there is nothing left for me to responsible for in my own adulthood.”

Because seriously, what pisses me off most is that the supposedly powerful ones are the least willing to learn, grow, or enact changes in our world. As one of my bitchier residents from this past year would say to their attempts at anonymous passive aggressiveness in the face of need for conflict, grow some balls already.

And, on an unrelated note because I was going to post it yesterday, I tried to think what else to say about my California Adventure and settled on this picture to explain it all.

I bet Wesley Crusher would have passed a climate change bill.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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