Sweetly Singing Over The Plains

Other teachers keep telling me not to try to get much done these last few weeks, and I’m thinking they are all pretty much exactly right in saying so.

Last week, I had to cancel two classes on Monday to go to the Embassy, then there was an Open House on Wednesday; this means that one of my lit classes didn’t see me all week.
This week, all the kids in German class are going to Vienna to the Christmas markets; this means I won’t see 3 of my 5 classes today, and tomorrow I won’t see 2 of my 3 classes; I won’t see that one section until Wednesday- provided nothing else out of the ordinary happens.
I had hoped to go to Vienna, actually, since I also speak German (and much better than I do the local tongue), but they said there was no space. Alas.

In the non-school work arena, however, I am trying to get as much work done as possible. While NaNoWriMo was a big fail (for a variety of reasons I don’t want to get into again right now), I have another wriitng project in the works for the new year that I will probably make public to all of you later this week.
In terms of work, my online commenting job is going better, as this month I resolved to really do all I’m supposed to. I also just got taken off the waitlist for a tutoring site, so hopefully I can really do that, also. I am qualified, according to their tests, to tutor Essay Writing and Social Studies. I’m embarrassed and annoyed to admit that I failed their Grammar test the first time I took it; you need a 21/25 to pass, and while I have better grammar than perhaps anyone I know, I don’t know the rules for things. My attitude has always been, “Why worry about the name of the clause if you can’t even figure out whether the word order on that sentence is right, or if you used too many commas?” Hint: If you are a modern American, particularly one who has ever used Facebook, the answer to whether or not you used too many commas is probably “Yes”. Excessive use of commas and apostrophes is the bane of modern language…in my opinion, even more so than text-message speech, partly because it is so inexplicable. People using u instead of you I understand. People thinking it’s okay write apple’s on their grocery list? What is that?
Anyway, grammar obsessiveness aside, I have another chance to take that test; I think I will actually study the grammar book I teach with at school and try to learn the names for things for once; maybe that will help. If not, at least I can increase my knowledge, which to me is always a plus.

Another work-related front also needs to be addressed: Knitting. To my friends and family, I have to say now that I apologize, but you will not be getting knitted gifts on time this year. I don’t have the time, the yarn, or the money for postage. However, I hope to have many things, some of them even with year-round uses, to present to you in the Spring/Summer when next we meet. Honestly, there is no really great yarn here, so I have to stock up in England.
And I do admit that I have been knitting, just, well…for myself. In my defense, I had only the yarn already planned for various sweaters for myself, and not enough of anything else to make the sweater I wanted to make my roommate or to make anything else of significant size; just things like hats for myself, since I didn’t bring nearly enough along, and finishing simple vests and things.
However, though it might not make up for my knitting narcissism, I plan on starting to post pictures of all the things i made this year, admittedly very after the fact for some of them.
Yesterday I finished a hat I will post tomorrow; I also finished another last week, though it’s too big. I am also finishing the sleeves on a cardigan; I had to redo the first one, shortening it and taking out increases, when I realized that a. I didn’t have enough yarn to make them that long and b. I didn’t need the sleeves to be as wide as it suggested, since my gauge was not entirely on. I don’t make swatches, because well, that would be being prepared, wouldn’t it? And that is just not my style.
Anyway, prepare for many exciting things and much more regular knitting and general online presence from me in this coming new year.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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