News of the New Year

So I have some more announcements to make.

I am currently in Italy until New Year’s, and then…

I have a new blog. A writing blog. Because, for the new year…

I will be writing one short story a day.

Yes, that is correct. 365 short stories, once a day. I will be trying to write in the range of 2000- 5000 words per story, and 100000 words by the end of the year. There will also be some poems, some essays, and some chapters from my longer works, just to give them an airing in the public eye. The point, though, is that there will be an update a day for 365 days, and each will be a new story or writing piece.

Why would I do this? Why not?
I admit I am partly influenced by a friend of mine who wrote a short play a day for a year, and by people like Julie from Julie and Julia, who cooked everything in Julia Child’s cookbook in one year. I also know that I need to give myself a serious challenge to get my writing brain in gear, and keep it there. So.

The name of the blog is 365 Histories. I am calling it this because in many languages, the words for history and story are very similar, and also because I see stories and histories as equally important. Anyway, I will be doing more explaining of that on the blog.

And so, more about that, and more writing, to come in the new year. As well as much about my so-far excellent adventure in Italy.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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