Working on It ( aka The Story of My Life)

As in, in anything you asked me about right now, I would say, “working on it”.

“How about posting those pictures from Italy?” Working on it…

“Or how about all of that knitting you were going to get done?” Working on it…

“Or your bio for your new post as a STAFF WRITER for (oh yeah btdubs, that was my other news. Watch for the new site relaunch on 10 January, it’s sort of a shell of a site right now.. and no, it isn’t paid, but not everything I write for can be.)? Working on it…

“Well, you could at least try to be on time for once and post your first story at your new blog, couldn’t you?”

Working on it…

Seriously, though, sorry world. I had an awesome and exhausting week in Italy, spending the 25th-30th in Florence and then going to Rome for New Year’s Eve, then flying back here yesterday afternoon; when I got back I was hungry and exhausted and my internet wasn’t working (it might cut out at any moment, since the school we get it from is obviously on vacation). I then proceeded to eat cream of wheat, basically the only food I had left, and sleep for 12 hours(I went to bed at 7.30. Please don’t judge me).
However, over the next week I plan to upload my Italy pictures, finish some knitting, and get on schedule with my writing, not to mention draft a legitimate schedule for myself, including the discussion-leading job I have on an info mill, this new weekly blogging gig, a still-in-the-works online tutoring job, and, oh…teaching. Right.
Anyway, this year I plan on doing great things and hope to chronicle many of them here.

For those who are already asking, my writing blog (I hadn’t created it when I last posted, explaining why I didn’t link it up before) is a sister wordpress blog at Like this one, it currently only has a very basic theme, and is kind of a skeleton in terms of the About section, but the first story will (hopefully) be posted within hours of this post’s writing, with a second one to follow. Wish me luck, and a happy new year to us all.

Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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