In Progress

Me+Florence. Not the best picture, but one of only 2 taken on my camera that actually had me in them.


I am behind in so many things, I sort of want to pretend it’s still November. That’s how bad.

The problem is that going on vacation, getting back, getting sick, posting grades, and then getting sick again sort of leaves one with, among other things, a complete inability to Do Things that are Unrelated to Work. So I have been trying to get stuff ready for school and rarely having moments when I actually recover from the general flow of life and can think about Getting Ahead. So my online work, my knitting, and my writing all sort of fell behind.

So much so that I am honestly considering not going anywhere for my “spring” break in two weeks. I threw around Sweden to see a friend from high school Germany to see a friend teaching there, et cetera, and now I am thinking if I go anywhere it will be the shortest trip ever. Like, overnight oHai and then go home. Which leaves me wondering if it’s worth going anywhere at all. I don’t know, today was my deadline to decide, and I haven’t. So…hrm.

One of the Things I Got Done this week, though, was actually cleaning my room in a legitimate sense, as in beyond just scraping up the dirty clothes and putting them in a washing machine. One of the things I did, then, was organize my knitting. Behold:


My Works in Progress Basket. 6 in all.


My yarn stash. The sweaters are to be unravelled.

















At first glance both piles seem like, well, a lot.  And on one hand they are. There are, as the caption states, 6 WIPs in that basket. However, that can be deceiving. The blue one on top requires a collar, some blocking, some buttons, and some sewing of the sleeves, and it’s done. There is also a purple turtleneck in there that is all but done, except…when I sewed it up there was a crease in the shoulder and I have no. idea. how to fix it. But I will, I just need to try again. I might have to redo the sweater, which would be okay because I almost always have to redo projects, it usually makes them better- I am not afraid to admit how much time I spend “frogging” my own knitting. I would say it helps that I knit really fast, although I wonder sometimes if that’s the problem. As for the stash, keep in mind that I have almost nothing that is enough to make a finished project; I have to figure out what I can do with these, I am wondering how much can be combined for colourwork.

Because good yarn (like a good man) is hard to find, especially here, I have been resorting to other methods for a lot of my knitting yarn, as I mentioned earlier- specifically, thrift store sweaters. I picked up two more this week, for a euro each.

I didn’t remember to photograph this one before I started taking it apart, so I decided to do so as it was when I was taking pictures Friday. It was a large women’s, although big enough to be  a large men’s. The colour is a charcoal grey, though heathered with an almost lilac strand. The fiber is 100% acrylic, which I am finding I like. I think I might have a moderate animal fiber allergy, though not as bad as some people I’ve known- it seems to be exacerbated by dry weather, which we’ve had a lot of, especially in my heated and stuffy flat.

I expect to get at least a pullover, a pair of colourwork mittens, and possibly either a vest or a hat out of this. For a reference of how it would fit me, a glance at the other, similarly sized one I bought:


Even I can't make this sweater attractive.

I mean, Boris is cute, but still.

I actually did take a picture of myself wearing this, and it was so bad, even for a quick shot of a refashion, I couldn’t post it. Basically, ladies and gentlemen, remember that wide horizontal stripes, with no variation in size or colour, are only flattering in boxy sweaters if you are 6 feet tall and have zero body fat. For me, stripes only look good if the piece itself is form fitting, and the stripes are small. Sounds like reverse logic, but it’s true; I think it’s because that way the stripes conform to and highlight curves in your waist and hips, rather than making you look like a stack of blocks. I know some people, especially men, with really nice striped sweaters that make them look good. But on me, most stripes are a big waste of time.

Anyway, suffice it to say I feel zero guilt destroying this one after I finish the other. It has no tag, leading me to believe it might actually be a legitimate hand knit, and I think it is also an acrylic, judging from the feel; possibly an 85 acrylic/15 wool  blend (I say that with authority only because those are the main cheap types of yarn I use). If you can’t see from Boris’s beauty shot, the two colours are a basic black and a sort of cobalt/ocean blue that I think is also slightly heathered with a little bit of black in it.

I have a vest planned for the black part and, if there is more left, I might combine them to make another, more pleasing, striped sweater of some kind. We shall see.

I also am ordering some yarn to get sent to my house (sorry mom and dad, I was going to tell you soon), though I haven’t ordered it yet, to make…mittens. But not just any mittens. The cupcake mittens and gnome mittens designed by the fabulous Spillyjane. and then the rest will be hats/shawls/whatever.

I don’t really want to teach, I just want to knit my whole life. Why can’t I do that?


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