When I moved here, I realized quickly that good yarn was just not to be had. There is one good yarn shop, and a few others with some options, but the options are less than I am used to and not always the types or colours or prices I want. And so, like any thrifty hippie would, I turn to cannibalism.

Sweater cannibalism, that is.

See, I had heard about this before. A friend in college routinely robbed thrift store sweaters of their buttons and other notions, and even I had taken apart a few sweaters for yarn when they passed their primes, but had not ended up using any recycled yarn, until I knit Hypatia awhile back.

This year, though, I am determined to do much more. Every time the thrift stores here get new inventory- every 4 weeks or so- they put their old things on sale, eventually until things are only 50 cents. Now, a sweater contains a lot of yarn, if you are willing to take it apart, and every time I take one apart it’s easier than the time before; and so, last time, I got three sweaters. They were all very, very attractive in their natural forms.

So attractive, in fact, I felt the need to model them for

I was not pleased when I realized it totally clashed with my skin tone.


1. Cappuccino Cardigan. (more like beige really).

Shapeless and more of a blah shade than I thought. Dyeable, perhaps?
















2.Plum Pullover

Almost okay as a real sweater. I like the purple and the neck detail here.
I decided against saving it because, in addition to have a band around the widest part of my hips (oops), the sleeves were way too long and bulky for someone with my height and build.














3. The Green Giant.

Kimono? Maternity? Makeshift tent?
Oh, maybe it's a wrap dress.










The one good thing about this sweater? Hand knit. I could tell. The pattern was, in fact, Girl Friday from the Fall 2009 issue of Knitty. How weird is that?

You have to admire the detail.

It does make me feel guilty taking the thing apart, except that this sweater was probably about a 2XL, and designed for someone less than 5’5″, because the arms actually fit me well lengthwise. I can’t imagine anyone else who could wear it as I bought it, unless I decided to simultaneously share the sweater with a friend.

Worry not, though, that green giant is going to become one of many lovely possible sweaters for some girl I know who likes green. If I like her enough.
Overall, though, a steal for less than 2 euros and all that yarn. When you consider it would likely cost me around 100 for that much yarn, easily, in a store- especially of similar quality- it makes a few hours here and there to unravel it seem totally worth the effort.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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  1. Yeah, don’t trust girls who like green. I suggest keeping it as a sweater built for two, because you look totally awesome in that color and a two person sweater is completely feasible.

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