Whirlwind Weeks

Ughwahpwb. I have been too busy, scatterbrained, and lazy to write anything ever about anywhere I have been or anything I have done. A short recap of all the places I have gone so far in 2011.

I was in Italy around Christmas (this technically was in 2010 but right at the end, and I didn’t really post much on it yet so meh)…

Oh, Florence. How I miss thee.


Then I was in Poland for a weekend. I took no pictures…Sorry.


Then, in April, I climbed a mountain…

The view from below...
...And the view from above.


Then, the next weekend, I went to some museums. I climbed a tower, saw lots of paintings and armour and weapons and such, and then…

Highlight? The creepy book passage.


The creepy book passage is in the Palffy Palace in the old town, and it is made to look like a limitless, suspended drop surrounded by books on either side, scaring the bejesus out of you. I had these terrifying thoughts of the Library Balrog coming after me, and needing my friend and colleague to turn and say, “You shall not pass!” Before falling into the booky abyss.

It was cool though, terror aside.


Finally, over Easter weekend I went to Louth, England, to see family. While there, I also went to Lincoln Cathedral

Lincolm Cathedral. Built in 1072, it was the first English Cathedral and the tallest building in Europe, if not the world, for nearly 250 years, from 1300-1450.
It is full of beautiful artwork like this stained glass window.


I also went to Lincoln Castle…

This building is still used as a court.
And this is a slightly blurred view of the cathedral from the castle walls.


    While at the castle, I even saw one of the remaining 4 earliest copies left of the Magna Carta, and a copy of the Charter of the Forest, which I had never heard of but related to the king’s greed in claiming the forests- and limited his ability to do so, the fiend (King John, that is).


    And finally, I went to Boston…England.

    The inside of The Stump, Boston's church.


    Before they emigrated and ended up at Plymouth Rock, some of the earliest Puritan Pilgrims were held in the prison in Boston. Later, some of the Boston’s own joined the original settlers and started a little town in the future Massachusetts- a little town which is now more than 10 times the population of its namesake, and official “twin” town since 1999 (you would think they’d have gotten around to it earlier).


    And then I spent a lot of time wandering Louth, which boasts an impressive church itself:And now I’m tired and have only a few weeks before…I go home. Huh?

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