Menstrual Rage

I am way behind on blogging, but for now, I have something more important to discuss with you today. A medical issue that really deserves more attention. I speak about, of course, Menstrual Rage.

Menstrual rage is something that strikes (well, me at least) every few months or so, perhaps once a month when it does. It is when the pain in my intestines reaches such a breaking point, it just starts sending messages directly to my brain, blocking out any conscious thought, and turning me into a Viking-Klingon-blood warrior. Those of you who have played your fair share of RPGs will have some recollection of “beserk” mode, when your character cannot be controlled by you anymore; this often makes him or her more aggressive, getting higher damage, et cetera. While I was not interested in consuming the corpses of my enemies, I was pretty obsessed with the pain consuming my own.

A typical Menstrual Rage Sufferer

Yesterday, I went for a run, took a bath, and took ibuprofen in an effort to calm my symptoms. When none of that worked, I went to bed. I had finally resolved, after about a half hour of writhing around, to get a heating pad when I ran into my mother. Even though that was exactly why I had crawled across my floor, I didn’t remember that it was what I wanted. Well, she got it for me, and then tried to get me to move to a different room- it was probably about 80 degrees in my bedroom. I didn’t want to move, though- I honestly did not feel the heat. I finally was lying there with a scalding hot pad, my covers over me, when I actually decided to put on socks as well. No, I can’t explain it. However, the beast was finally sweated away, and conscious thought returned.

I bring this up in case there are others you know who momentarily lose their minds during the menstrual cycle- do not yell or trying to have them institutionalized. Just offer some pain reliever, perhaps a heating pad and blanket, and let them be.

Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

4 thoughts on “Menstrual Rage”

  1. I read a letter sent to the Menstrual protection manufacturing company not too long ago by a very upset lady why had found ” have a happy period” printed on the paper strips of the pads…i will try find a copy for you

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