My Current Situation

Allow me to preface this by saying that my money woes are no more or less dramatic than anyone else’s, probably. The different is likely just that I don’t know how to fix it without putting in more effort than I want, or maybe because I’m too inexperienced to figure something out.

My Current Money Situation is As Follows:

1. I have loan debts and credit card bills.

2. I make money in Europe; thus I have a Euro-based account here.

3. I don’t make (much) money in the US; thus my US account is near empty.

4. My bills are all in the US.

5. Thanks to 2. and 3., I have trouble paying 4.

6. For an unknown reason, when I first tried to defer my loans they were refused. I was “too early” even though it was right before I left for Europe and right before my grace period ended; therefore I still have to make loan payments anyway, even though other people with the same companies got theirs deferred.

7. I do have internet side jobs, and am making more time for them, but meanwhile I don’t think I can get current with my credit cards and such. I know, me and everyone else, right? I say this not for pity, but to sort out my issues here.


So that’s my money problems, nutshell’d. So how do I make money? I know, yes, I have a job, but like every other person in the modern world, that isn’t enough, partly because the money goes to the wrong place and my bank here kind of sucks but changing it is hard, and I only need it a few more months, right? So it’s kind of an “in the meantime” problem; 9 months or so is nothing for a bank’s timeline, and everything for a loan debt’s timeline.

Well, here are my skills:

1. Sarcasm. Oh, yes, yes it’s a skill.

2. An excessively big vocabulary. Oh, and serious grammar pickiness.

3. The ability to stand in front of large groups and talk about absolutely anything. This goes for teaching, acting, speeches, whatever.

4. Musical talent- I sing; I know which keys are which on a piano (and can play some a little); I once learned 3 chords on a guitar in 2 days, auditioned with a song while accompanying myself, and got the part; I got okay at clarinet for awhile in spite of the instrument’s quality; I am open to learning new instruments.

5. Memorization- I actually used to be better at this, though I’m trying to improve it little by little. I’m good at learning lines, memorizing details of lesson plans, and otherwise learning things to repeat later.

6. Knitting- I can make scarves, shawls, hats, fingerless mittens, and simpler vests and sweaters; currently working on a few with long sleeves. I learn new techniques pretty easily and I think it’s something in which my comically small hands (the same size as a 10 year old girl’s) are an asset.

7. Running- I enjoy running and regularly do 5K and 10K runs. That’s got to count as a talent at least in some circles.

8. Hair- I do my own hair, to the extent  of dyeing and cutting it myself. I haven’t paid for a cut since high school. I also have cut other people’s on occasion (mostly trimming) and helped others dye theirs as well.

9. Makeup- I think I’m good with this. At least, people haven’t told me I look bad yet, and I’ve done my own stage makeup for years as well; I also sometimes help people with this, too.

10. Style- I have good clothing style, by which I mean for shape, not for “fashion”; people ask my opinion fairly often on whether something looks good or not, and on the right colour to go with things. I know I’m good at matching things together. I also spend a lot of time looking at fashion magazines, news, and blogs- not for the trends, but to see who is and is not dressing their shape properly, and to get new ideas.

11. Reading- I actually used to spend a lot of time reading lots of things. I have a good memory for what I read, and I think that helps with the memorizing and such that I mentioned earlier.

12. Saving Money- In spite of the fact that I started this whinging about my debt, I’m really good at saving money, and finding ways to reuse just about anything. I’m not above a good dumpster dive, either- in fact I think they’re fun. Also, while I have a lot of stuff, like anyone else, there are a number of things I’ve learned to live without- shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, and most household cleaners, to name a few. I love learning about more natural ways to do things and how to make them work

13. Eating- Thanks to my multiple stomach-related problems, I’m kind of an expert on what foods might cause gas, stomach aches, allergic reactions, and so forth.

14. Languages- I learned Norwegian and German fairly easily, though my German is a little rusty. Trying to learn some of the various Slavic languages, with varying success.

15. Videogames- I think it’s a skill. I’m good at  video games, usually, I’ve played many, and I generally know way more about geek culture than people who don’t know me would expect when they saw me.

Well. I suppose those are 15 “talents” or “skills” that I possess. So what do I do with this? I want to act and write, but I can’t really do that in a country where I don’t speak the language, while balancing a job that requires anywhere from 35-40 hours a week of my time, and I’m kind of (ridiculously) easily distracted sometimes, and excessively single minded other times…it was a struggle not adding “possibly autistic” as a talent. Instead, I apparently talk a lot, have a problem with sarcasm, don’t like spending money, knit and read too many blogs, prefer video games to some people, like to run, and think I’m really good at maintaining my hair and clothing…what do I do with any of this for money? I’ve tried many times in the past few years to get myself to write every day and still nothing has quite managed to stick. I am open to any and all random forms of advice.

If I don’t get any, well, at least I’ve taken some time to analyze this information.



Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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