Book 1 of 52: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

So, book 1 of the 52 Books in 2012 goal, though this posting is about a week late. I’m still working on book 2…

I read this book in just a few days; by the end I read about half of it in one sitting because I had to know the ending, and to see how much of it I had gotten right.

I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who might not have read it yet, so I won’t; all I will say is that

1. It involves time travel, in a way I’ve never read about time travel before (in itself a surprise)

2. It was by far one of the most depressing books I have read in years, especially if you ignore the really depressing classics I’ve read in the years since graduating from high school (seriously, Jane Eyre is the ultimate tragedy for women, if you ask me).

While the book is also a movie, I haven’t seen it and I don’t think I will, not unless someone else asks me to watch it with them. I have it in my head and Clare, for me, is not Rachel McAdams, no offense to her. And Henry is not Eric Bana. I have my own people in my head telling the story.

While I liked the book, despite its sadness, it was rare in that I honestly did not see myself in any of the main characters. I am not Clare, and I am certainly not Henry, or Ingrid, or any other person who intersects with their lives. And, as usual when this happens, I’m really quite relieved. Which shouldn’t deter you from reading it, I encourage you to. I also am encouraging myself to eventually pick up more of Niffenegger’s  books. I know she’s written at least one other, so hopefully I can get my hands on it sometime.


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2 thoughts on “Book 1 of 52: The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger”

  1. That’s one of my all time favorite books possibly because it’s so heartbreaking. The whole thing is just so tragic and unique and yet the love story part of it still seems real.

    The movie? was HORRIBLE.

    1. Really? I was very worried that it was…I haven’t talked to anyone else who’s read the bookand seen the movie,but I just don’t think it’s something Hollywood would even know what to do with.

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