Streams of Thought

So this is sort of like a stream of consciousness post…

I’m on “spring” break. My lice is gone, although it left me feeling run down and tired. We also had some changes at church and school the last few weeks, so that was tiring too. I’m mostly in hiding this break, though I may go to Budapest for second time towards the end of the week.

In case you wondered and didn’t know, my computer got hit by a virus about 6 weeks ago and I lost many of my pictures- I still have a few I’d saved on my camera, and now I’m glad I have that
“I can’t delete it!” thing because man, if I’d lost those too…

I’m going to try to write today. I’m still trying to write using the Snowflake Method but I went a few weeks forgetting all my writing goals. Back to that, I swear.

I’m like 3/4 done with a sweater. Trying to have it done this week. So much to replace as well, I lost a few hats when I washed them on Really Frakking High out of lice-induced paranoia. Eesh..One can be fixed though, I think, but the other more resembles a doily. FYI, Caron Simply Soft has many abilities. Being washed at 90 C and coming out alive is not one of them.

I’m looking forward to going back to the US. Among other things, because I can’t find a single pair of decent trouser-like pants that fit me in this country. British hips and butts are not designed for in this part of Europe, especially by the cheaper brands that are most commonly found here. If I find anything it’s in a secondhand shop, and that usually also means the zippers are not good quality or something else turns out to be wrong with them later. Oh Express and Victoria’s Secret jeans, how I miss thee (I bet you didn’t know VS makes jeans. Well, they do. And they fit big butts perfectly. I don’t know how I’ll get more though, unless I find another 10 dollar pair at my local consignment shop).

Teaching is starting to get harder again, not easier. Not the teaching itself, but the schedule and the mental weight of it. While the life itself is actually less stressful than being a college student, I have this mental heaviness of having to teach, to plan, to organize that I almost never had in school- maybe when I was directing my one act play, but that’s about it. It’s so hard to try to focus on art, or writing, or any of that with that weight. And while I don’t think everyone has this problem, I do. It’s one of the many reasons I know this is not my calling.

Living by myself is better than almost anything. I liked living at home well enough (aside from getting restless with the town after too long there), but the other living situation I liked better was my last roommate at college. Although if we’d had a bigger room to share our mess it would have been even better.

I’m still being introspective about religion. I’ve been given some intelligent suggestions and giving myself a lot of questions. I’m trying to research what I can on my own, too, which is less than I wish I could, due to time and resources.

Seriously. How is this Spring? Not like I could wait another week. I couldn’t. Phew.

Mayim Bialik is my new hero. Truly.

I can’t socialize according to my generation’s ideas of normal. This will get its own post (as will many of these things) at some point. Suffice it to say I don’t find staying up really late, spending too much money on drinks I don’t want, or talking to people I don’t know and won’t ever see again to be a good time. To the people who say that means I’m no fun, sure I am. Let’s go for a run sometime, party pants, and we’ll see who isn’t fun at the end of THAT.

My reading is getting behind, but I’m almost done with a book and I have 2 more to finish this week (short ones). Back on track…getting there…trying…sigh.

And finally, it’s the end of British fashion week, and while I don’t honestly like the pressure high fashion puts on us to buy more clothes, Burberry, Issa, and a few other designers have made some really cool, flattering, and most of all, modest and classy designs that I hope will inspire fashion a little in the coming year or so. I’m tired of girls wearing dresses you can’t breathe in and  leggings with t shirts. It’s, well, juvenile. To say the least.

More to come. I think. I hope. Wish me luck.

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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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