Less than 100 days…

…until I am home. Provided I leave when I want to, which is sometime in the first 2 days on July.

Turkish cat says: Happy birthday! I potentially got you some fleas!

It was my dad’s birthday yesterday. He turned ____, and while last year I wrote attempts at clever posts for both my parents’ big days, I apologize I didn’t this year- sorry guys, next time. Both of them are doing well though, to the best of my knowledge, and you’d never guess they were _____ and _____, would you? Yeah, I thought not. Hopefully I inherited at least a few of those genes.

Anyway, I was going to post about things like my travels more recently. Then I did some really intelligent things like spilling soup all over my leg 2 weeks ago. No, there are no pictures (my camera died in Turkey and the battery charger doesn’t plug into my US/EU adapter, so I have to wait until I can borrow Willow’s or something). I don’t apologize for that, though. A more medically trusting person might have gone to a doctor, but since it was only a 1st degree burn and the main problem was my obsession with popping blisters, I didn’t. It looked awful for a week, then it stopped hurting. It looked less awful for the next week and now it’s mostly healed. But it did mean I spent a week recovering from my trip, feeling behind at school, and changing bandages on my thigh. Then I got my period, which is its own brand of gross, and in the meantime I almost forgot how to exercise. So that’s the other thing I need to work on this week.

However, today I DID do some laundry, some dishes, sweep and mop my kitchen floor, and even make banana bread. It didn’t turn out quite like I wanted but that was okay. And I ran, but got stopped by a street fair (really). I’m having one of those…months.

Once in high school, actually, I ran into this friend/acquaintance of mine, the kind who everyone knows and who becomes better known by only one of his names (first or last, whichever is weirder), and he asked me how I was. I said I was having a bad…month. “Oh wow, I mean, a bad day, but…a bad month?” I actually wonder about that kid from time to time, since I have a friend from college who acts like/sort of resembles him, and now is going to grad school in my hometown. Which is weird- what if they meet? Will the world explode? Anyway, I digress.

So, there have been a few different things happening. I also have some philosophical things to write about too, since I know everyone loves those (sarcasm?). Anyway I hope at least some people do, because I have a lot of weird thoughts in my head most of the time.

Regardless, I hope I’m not absent for as long again for awhile. I was starting to like blogging somewhat regularly again. Let’s hope I can at least somewhat keep that up.  Before I go, I leave you with my reaction to the creepy, and likely vampire-infested, cistern in Istanbul.

My hair looks pretty great. Too bad I look confused/terrified.

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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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