Final months, final moments.

I’m leaving Europe in a month. It’s exciting and frightening and nerve-wracking and wonderful. I’m ready to go home, to take the next step, all of that; I’m also afraid I’ll fail. Whatever happens, though, I have a lot of memories from the last two years to go through; some are great, some are terrible, and some are just sort of there in my mind and I don’t know what I feel about them yet; sort of like the awkward side hugs of experience.

I’ve been neglecting this blog too much the last few months, even after swearing not to do so; my goal then is to make 30 posts in the 30 days of June, leading to better posting in the months to come when I’m home and have a bit more time and my own schedule again. We’ll see how I do; I also plan to dedicate a lot of these posts to specific topics, like a trip to this or that country, or foods I ate and liked or didn’t, that I haven’t talked about much. There will also probably be knitting. And movies. And video games. And probably more posts like  yesterday’s in which I wrote (ranted?) about some of my problems with the contraception debate in the US right now, where I talk about religion, philosophy, and politics. You’ve been warned; you are also invited to read, to comment, to tell me what you think. Especially if you’re not my family, who usually tell me what they think about my blog in emails or on the phone anyway. Speak, friends, and enter!



Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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