My Dad is a Famous British Person.

I have a game I play every so often with my students. You’ve probably played it yourself. Everyone thinks of the name of a famous person, writes it down, and puts it on someone else’s back. Then you all try to figure out your identities.

When I play it with my social studies class, they usually have to pick someone British, which is how I did it today. In one class, one student gave her neighbour “Professor (Elizabeth’s) Father”.

It took longer than any other in that class to guess. “Is he…an actor? A singer? A sportsman?” while my dad may have dabbled in some of those things, of course, they weren’t helpful questions to ask. It did make me wonder if that makes a whole new version of the game, though, where everyone picks family members of one another who they either don’t know well or haven’t really met, so you have to somehow guess, based on the age and number of pets, that you are your classmate’s next door neighbour.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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