On Tuesday, I was informed by The Internet that Square Enix was releasing “the original” Final Fantasy VII as PC download. Now, as someone who remembers a world when there was only “the original” of this game- no spinoffs or reformatted versions for new systems or whatever- and back when you could only play the first 6 in the series on their original consoles, this was pretty exciting for me. I don’t want new, “better” graphics. I also don’t want added characters or tweaked story lines or whatever else they were doing a few years ago when several class Super Nintendo games were released for the PlayStation. I want the game I played before- but I want to play it on my laptop. Sure, it’s been available on PC before, but that was too long ago for it to be compatible with my computer. And sure, I have a hard copy I bought several years ago before the price quadrupled again, but since I’m once again with a console, controller, memory card, or television (yes, I’m living at home so there’s a “family” television but it’s not really for gaming anymore or really was great for it ever) it’s not really of use to me right now.

So I deliberated for less than 24 hours and yesterday afternoon bought it at the 9.99 promo rate plus $0.62 sales tax (rates may vary by state, exclusions may apply, don’t I sound like a lame commercial). In a few hours it was downloaded, and I was able to play a little before I went to bed…I also updated my Diablo III software while I was waiting. It was a good day for games.

I realize I don’t talk about video games on here much, and despite the fact that the game in question is now 15 years old, playing video games of any kind is still seen as a “boy” activity. The reality is that while many girls I know were reading tween novels and stealing their moms’ make up, I was playing video games and computer games and not doing so badly on them either.

All this combined means that for at least the first few days I’ll probably be a bit distracted. I mean, I’ve also done some job applications and some writing and some working and even a bit of writing as work. I’ve also finished one of my sweater goals (the other got stuck two days before the finish in a wrong-gauge situation and had to be disqualified) and started another. I also ran several times, went back to doing several ab workouts a week, and dealt with some money issues.

But seriously? None of that is interesting, where is my materia.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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