Health Update

I haven’t posted much the last few weeks (and by “much” I really mean “at all”) because I was both starting a new job and trying to get some medical stuff sorted out.

For the people who care, I have spent the last just-over-a-decade or so of my life with pretty debilitating menstrual pains. Heaviness, length, irregularity, and all kinds of pain. I’ve been to 4 specialists at this point in my life, and I have now had ultrasounds, a laporoscopy, CT scans and at least one MRI.

The first doctors I went to said I might have endometriosis, when the endometrial tissue starts growing outside the uterine lining and setting up shop elswhere.

The second doctor did a laporoscopy a year ago and poo-pooed that, saying I had some endo scarring but was more likely to have fibroids. Then I went back to Europe and postponed treatment for a year, during which everything got worse.

When I came back this year, said doctor got me a CT scan and referred me to a fibroid center 2 hours away. I don’t have a car. When I called for a closer referral, her receptionist all but told me to take a hike.

So I did. I found my own doctor online and got an appointment.

This doctor didn’t think my symptoms, history, and test results- what little of them my old doctor was willing to give up- made sense. She got me an MRI. I do not, in fact, have fibroids.

I have something even more fun. Called adenomyosis, it generally affects women ten years older than me, those who have had children, and is rarer than the other diagnoses in general as well. As with all the diagnoses I’ve gotten, procedures are few and not all that conclusive.


Meanwhile, my new glamourous post-college, post-mission work job? Server. I know, my life is amazingly enviable.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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