Knitting and Revenge. In other words, My Life.

This week is kind of strange; I’m on the verge of a doctor’s appointment and procedure (Friday); my first half marathon (Sunday) and voting early (sometime in the next week). I’m also, hopefully, on the verge of finishing my Aidez; I finished the front and back, now I’m working on the sleeves. I have several other knitting projects I hope to get to as soon as that’s done, including an almost-finished Driftwood and a sweater (or two) for myself and at least one for a friend. I don’t do a lot of “Holiday knitting”, so we’ll see what I decide to do for that.

To finish some of these projects, though, I needed more yarn. I have a slight obsession with Naturally Caron yarns, especially Country. I like that they’re easy to wash and take care of, they aren’t as scratchy as some 100% wools, and warmer than acrylic. I also like a lot of the colours they come in. I bought a bunch of skeins in Charcoal, Claret, and Peacock when the Joann’s in town moved locations and had a big sale. When they moved, though, I discovered they also stopped carrying Country, and I couldn’t find it anywhere else in town either.

Thank heaven for Ravelry. I was able to find someone who had a bunch of Claret that I got for my Driftwood, and the seller also had Chocolate Truffle, so I bought that from her too. Then I ran out of Charcoal for the same sweater; I set it aside and started using the chocolate for my Aidez. Now that I was worried about running out of that, I looked again and found a seller with a skein of Charcoal, a skein of Chocolate Truffle, and more besides.

Fleur can’t believe her luck.

She threw in several partial skeins other shades she had too, so who knows what I’ll be using it for next…


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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