Hand-Knit NaNoWriMo

Dear Blog,

I have a lot of plans for you in November. First, yes, I’m doing NaNoWriMo but no I haven’t started quite yet. But moving on.

Several months ago I got the idea that I wanted to do some sort of Hand-Knit November, and wear something I knitted myself every day of the month. A sweater, preferably, or maybe a shawl if I wore it all day. Well, that was before I landed a job that requires me to wear black bottom, white top, every day I work. And when I’m not working, honestly? I don’t wear real clothes at home; thanks to my poor circulation and being cold all the time, I usually wear sweats at home. From late August until, most likely, April.

However, a personal goal is a personal goal nonetheless, and this will tie in well with trying to finish 12 sweaters in 2012, so I’m going to do my best. Even if I don’t wear them all day, I will at least try to create an outfit every day using a sweater or other hand-knit as a focal piece; I’ll try to wear it when I run any errands. More importantly, I’ll photograph it for posterity and blogging.

What this also means is that I’ll be doing a lot of blogging (I hope) this month. Admittedly, I’m off to a bad start (no photo yesterday) but from today on I’ll be doing my best, which reminds me.- I have some knitting to show you. I finished Aidez at the beginning of the week, and finished seaming a couple days later. Hopefully I can take better pictures soon.

Aidez. Finished!

I also started Perry Street, a pattern I’ve been wanting to knit since I first saw pictures of the test knit. I’m knitting it in sock yarn for a lighter weight sweater. Here’s the front.

So far I’m a fan.



Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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