NaNoWriMo Redux

Me, by November 9th.
Me, by November 9th.

I failed in November. See, I had this idea that in order for NaNoWriMo to really count, I had to start from scratch. Never mind that I had the story I started last year that I really wanted to continue. Never mind that I have this other idea I got on my way home from Europe that occasionally comes back to burn a fire in my brain. I had to use this other idea I’d toyed with for years but never even sort of put in paper because then it was “real”.

Screw that.

Now I’m doing it over, And I’m doing it my way. I’m starting tonight with a new 30 Day Novel Challenge. That’s what I’m calling it. I’m not starting at the beginning of the month, I’m not starting it with a “new” idea, and I’m not starting it when everybody, their brother, and their slightly tired-of-life English teacher is trying to write a novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love NaNoWriMo and am not one of those people who thinks it belittles writing, not at all. I just think it’s something that adds a lot of pressure. The knowledge that other people I knew were doing it, that they knew I was, that they might be writing more and faster than I was…it was stressful. Like senior pictures or ACTs or being on the elliptical next to someone else who at least appears to be moving faster than you. Sure, you could turn to that person and tell them that you like to do your workout on the highest setting possible so it only looks like you’re barely keeping up, or you could tell the person studying an ACT prep book that you prefer to take tests without studying, but the fact is they’ll never stop thinking that they’re somehow more proficient or prepared than you. So all you can do is keep writing. But it can be hard when you miss a day and think “I bet the people who actually GET their 50k total aren’t missing days”.

So, anyway, the point is I’m doing it the way I want to.

I have written up character maps, scene lists, small character background bios, even some other various notations on my “world”.

I am following various websites of suggestions, particularly this one, although I’ve already broken the first rule by telling you I’m writing a novel (although that’s all you’re getting in the way of details right now).

I am also forgoing worrying too much about finding a second job while I do this (my other part time one has pretty much dried up). For the next 30 days, this IS my job.

On that note, back to work.


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