How Comcast ruined my NaNoWriMo…and other recent events.

I spent a week without internet last week. I was doing okay on my NaNoWriMo mostly, deluding myself into thinking I could turn those 5000-ish words into 50K, I just had to hunker down on my next day off and really go for it.

Then our modem stopped working. I can’t believe how dependent I am on internet when doing things that require absolutely no internet:



Most days, I use to write. It helps me to record my stats and see how I’m doing, and even when my story was going poorly I was able to write 750 words of stream-of-consciousness, character ideas, random musings, or whatever else. it helps to know that you can write something every day, you know? But even for my novel, which was a word document, I was not motivated to do it when I didn’t have internet- I liked having random music to listen to, and to check reddit every 10 minutes, and other stupid distractions. These things don’t actually help me write, but that’s clearly not why I do them. And once my writing streak was broken, I basically gave up. I started another story and got a few K on that, but still probably had less than a fifth of the necessary words by November’s end.



Now this one is just silly. I have several patterns in the works that are from magazines, booklets, or files on my computer. It’s not like I need internet for that. And even though I like watching stuff while I knit, I could have, well, not. Or watched movies I haven’t seen in awhile. And yet still, when unable to use Hulu Plus to watch TV shows, I barely knitted at all. Sigh. 12 in 12, I swear I haven’t given up on you (I mean I have a whole, like, 25 days, right? Right?).



I have no legitimate explanation.  But it’s hard to get motivated to clean when you haven’t gotten to do any of the other things you wanted to do today.


This one is moderately legitimate. It’s hard to watch videos about Hebrew and review Hebrew letters and things when you can’t get online. Although I still haven’t done my homework for the most recent class, even though it should have been last night but was canceled.


So basically I read a lot. And when black Friday/cyber Monday hit I ended up ordering things from Amazon, Knit Picks, and Best Buy like I might never get internet again. I am also now taking a self-imposed break from writing until tomorrow night. I still want to finish something, at least the draft, by the end of the year or at least end of January.




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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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