I don’t like to put too much weight in things like New Year’s Day or eve or any other beginnings and endings based in a calendar. It is too easy to put things off until the next calendar change, or to start something at the new year when you aren’t really ready to change things yet. It can just be too easy to get caught up in the holiday.
As it is I think it is important to give yourself time to reflect now and again. And the new year can still be a good time to do that reflecting. Sphere they are, my reflections on how I ‘did’ this year.

Writing- this is a big one I did not do nearly enough of all year. It has gotten way too easy to give myself excuses for why I can or cannot sit down to write. This needs to change in the new year, starting now.

Working- yes I have a job, and I guess in many ways that still makes me better off than a lot of other people I know. But it’s be frustrating to have a job that isn’t my passion and that keeps a schedule I don’t really want to keep. I love the discount though. And I like that my job allows me to learn things all the time, even if they aren’t necessarily things I expected to learn about. I need to make a change, though, and find something better. More like what I want and better paying. Writing will be the first step to getting there, I think.

Acting- this was a no go most of the year. I need better head shots, and I need to start auditioning for films or TV or something. Moving is not out of the question. In fact moving basically is the question.

Singing- other than for my own amusement I barely did this either. And I need to be doing it. So that needs to be made a priority with the new year as well.

Running- I did run a lot, and I did a few races, including two 10Ks and two 5Ks. But I didn’t stick to a plan or try to do any longer races, and that’s something i really hoped I would do this past year.

Biking- I didn’t really think biking was something I would ever be able to say I did, so I think that this is one of my bigger personal accomplishments. Being able to bike places, and therefore get there on my own, especially since I don’t have a car, felt very freeing. It is also a great workout, obviously, although I mostly started it for the sake of practicality.

Saving- in my head I am a great budgeter. In my life it comes and goes. I am proud to say that once I had been getting paid for a few months, i was able to cover my rent easily and make a few other practical purchases. But my savings are close to nil and that is something I really cannot live with for much longer, so 2014 is going to be my year of budgeting and saving. Although at least I have a 401K now (something that sounds way too grown up for me to be allowed to have).

Spending- I spent too much money this year, of course. However some of the things I bought were things I am glad I spent good money on- a pair of water proof winter boots, a nice wool coat, a new tablet computer, a bike. But since this year I need to make more purchases- a better bike, maybe even a car, almost certainly a more expensive apartment- spending intelligently is going to be just as important as saving intelligently.

Reading- I certainly read a lot. I finished all the A Song of Ice and Fire books ( I had previously only read the first), several other novels, a lot of young adult stuff as well, and even some nonfiction. Other highlights included The Thirteenth Tale, A Map of the World, Wolf Hall, Bring up the Bodies, and Seraphina. I hope i can still find time to read in the new year.

Cleaning- I’m not very good at doing it, at least not as regularly as I should. But I think I can do better.

Eating- this year I spent a lot of time trying to eat better, still having problems, and finally going wheat and gluten free. I hope to write about this soon, actually, but for now I’ll say I think it works.

Knitting- I knitted a lot, but like everything else this year I struggled when it came to finishing things. Sigh.



Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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