Not jinxing it. I think.

So I didn’t announce it right away, in fear of jinxing it, but if you are one of the 4 or so people who has actually read this blog since the beginning of June, you may have noticed something- four days into June, and I’ve actually posted…every day. So far.
I’ve decided that, since June is yet another 30 day month, I would give it another go at writing every day in June and blogging every day as well. It’s a little embarrassing, when I think about it, how little I’ve really dont creatively, yet again, so far this year. I was hoping to get more accomplished. OR anything accomplished. Or maybe even a lot accomplished.

But so far I’ve been writing every day this month (all four days of it), practicing my German, even trying to get a little more sleep than usual. I think we’re headed somewhere good with this, really.

I’ll end today with some things to file under Mildly Interesting:

-There is a raccoon that lives nearby. It is huge and most enjoys raiding the next door garbage.
-Some other people on this street have an outdoor cat named Cookie. According to my roommate, the cat’s collar says, “I am an outside cat, my name is Cookie.”

-this one actually strikes me as mildly infuriating: at work, you can buy a four-pack of little Perrier water bottles for $3.99. They also have individual bar codes that you can scan accidentally, and those ring up for $.99. Which means that four of these sold individually would only be $3.96; so, for 3 cents more, you get extra cardboard. Annoying.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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