I miss the dog.



I miss the dog. She’s not even my dog, she’s my roommate’s dog, or ‘the’ dog. She’s not here this week and I am sad.

Actually, neither of them are. My roommate is at a camp thing for work, and because she was going to be gone for several days she took her dog to her mother’s house (“taking her to grandma’s”) until she gets back. So I have the apartment to myself, which is great and boring and fun and terrible.

It’s nice to get home from work and not have to let out the dog, or feed her, or refill her water. It’s nice to come and go without hearing her sad lonely crate noises (I”Im dying! I’m dying! You’re leaving me! I’m your dog! Don’t leave me!”). However it’s kind of lonely to not have a weird little creature jumping onto the couch or barking at me or wanting to share my food (I never give her any, she still always tries). It’s nice to wake up and not have to make sure she didn’t destroy anything since my roommate left, and to be able to do whatever without a little dog trying to trip me. But it’s also kind of boring to sit by yourself after awhile.


I mean, I like cats. I probably still like them more than dogs. But the thing about a dog is that it is just so devoted. Dogs always want to know what you’re doing, and they never stop wanting to be part of whatever that is. Cats lose interest in you from time to time, coming back when they’re hungry or cold, but otherwise lots of cats can be by themselves. I’ve known and had a couple who were really into people and being with them, but for the most part a cat can be by itself. But dogs, at least the ones I’ve spent the most time with, can’t.

When my roommate and I go places together and have to lock up the dog, the first thing she wants to do when we get back is have at least on of us sit in the living room. She’ll cry until at least one person is near her. But it’s not because she wants to play- half the time she just wants to sit somewhere and chew on a bone or sleep, but she obviously can’t do that without us, so someone had to be near her while she does these things. Which is ridiculous, but for a dog I guess it’s so important- “Sit with me.” It’s kind of refreshing after cats. “Feed me” and “Pet me” and other commands are replaced with “It would be nice if you would sit with me, friend, we’re all much better friends when we’re all sitting together”. It’s kind of weird, but like I said, refreshing.

Of course, she still can’t purr, but overall having a dog is better than not having one. Having a pet in general, really- I worry sometimes that I can’t relate at all to people who choose not to have pets. I like having a little friend to sit on the couch with me or go for walks or whatever else. it’s nice having something to take care of.

The dog is gone until Thursday. Also the roommate, although that isn’t nearly so depressing.turi2



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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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