In my last post, I outlined a few different things I was struggling with in my life regarding motivation and health. While it took me longer than I intended to write here again, I have to say that I am working  again and I have a few things going on that are actually engaging, maybe even bordering on social.

Last month, I joined the local knitters’ guild- and yes, that’s a thing. They get together once a month to talk about, well, knitting. And many of them knit while doing so. But they also do a lot of interesting side projects, such as knitting for charity, which is one of the big things that interested me..and I’ve already made a few different hats to donate at the next meeting, which is some nice instant gratification.

My most recent charity FO, a Star-Crossed Beret in Caron Simply Soft.
My most recent charity FO, a Star-Crossed Beret in Caron Simply Soft.

I also joined a running group- and since it’s Minnesota, of course, there’s every chance we’ll be meeting well into the winter. Which is coming. (The north remembers.)

Bigger news, though, is that I got the job- the job I had a huge interview for which included such joys as humiliating suit shopping, locking myself in a stairwell right before the interview, and then having to spend all my available money on business casual clothes so that I actually had something to wear to work when the job started.

So far, though, it’s gone pretty well. Having a regular schedule is one of those things I think most people don’t really fully appreciate. If you’ve been lucky enough to just always have a job with a schedule that you like or can count on, then you likely don’t realize how exhausting it can be when that schedule changes. And changes. And changes again. I feel like as students in this country, especially during high school and earlier, it’s easy to grow to hate routine. You’re likely going to a place that you don’t like all that much, or that at least has a lot of people you don’t much like, every day. The hours might not be what you would like, the subject matter is probably lame or boring to you on some level, and it never ends. I know for me, by the time I got to college the idea of not having an identical schedule every single day was just amazing to me. And when I finished college, part of me never wanted to work at a regular job or have regular everyday hours ever again. But that isn’t realistic…and neither is the vast majority of retail work than an increasing number of college graduates end up doing indefinitely.

Okay, so that just got a bit political-I’ll save my minimum wage rants for later in the week, it is election month now after all- but the fact is that retail is one of the fastest growing industries in America, if not the fastest growing. And people working retail have soul-crushing schedules. You could open at 6 am one day and then close at 11 the next, or the other way around, at the company where I worked. That makes it hard to have other ambitions, even though a lot of people working in retail have at least a nominal interest in something else, from a second job or hobby to going to school or raising a family.

So now that I am done with the like that is retail, at least for now, I have big plans for November.

If you’re a writer, you may have heard of NaNoWriMo, writing a 50K-word novel in a month.
You might even have heard of NaBloWriMo, its blog-writing equivalent of a post a day.
And if you knit at all, you might even have heard of the up-and-coming yarny version NaKniSwMo, in which you knit a sweater in a month.

Well, forget that. This year I am pursuing NaKniBloNoSwePoWriMo.
All three at once:
A blog post a day (picture only posts are occasionally allowed)
50,000 words in a month, or 1,667 a day (some leeway for notes and planning allowed)
Two sweaters (since I’ve knitted a few in my time), a Hiro for my roommate and one for me.

Two sweaters of yarn in Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.
Two sweaters of yarn in Rowan Pure Wool Worsted.

I’m a person who likes lists. They help motivate me. So do deadlines. So I’m hoping that this really get me going, and that I will have one of my most productive months ever. And that when December 1 arrives, I will have two sweaters, a nice long rough draft, and a blogging habit to show for my efforts.


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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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