Day Two- Sunshine

In my work-like updates, I neglected to mention something else in my life that I’m really hoping helps motivate and make me an adult.

I adopted a dog.


Her name is Sunshine, and she was rescued from a puppy mill. I was told her age was 6, although that could be a off a bit. She’s very sweet, although like many puppy mill dogs, she has a few weird habits. She runs in circles constantly, and she piddles a lot instead of peeing just a few times a day, and she hates her crate. She’s also already gotten very protective, barking at strange dogs when we go outside, which I need to get her to stop.

Dogs are time-consuming and can be expensive, but I feel confident that she can be a great little friend when I get her some obedience classes. In the meantime, she’s a sweet little addition and it makes me happy to feel like I’m taking care of her.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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