Remind me again that there isn’t a rape culture.

There’s been a lot going on lately about cat-calling in the news.

Things that were said by a white man, on a major news network, in 2014:

On understanding cat-calling:

“More than you guys will ever know. I can’t get in a woman’s head anymore than just like thinking about it. But I’m a guy, I know why these guys do this.
The bottom line is this, ladies. You would not care if all these guys were hot. They would be bolstering your self-esteem, bolstering your ego. There’s nothing more than a woman loves to hear is that how pretty she is. Now this particular video speaks for itself. These guys obviously don’t have a lot of class, but I’m also very suspicious because this was put together by an ad agency to go viral so how do we know some of those guys weren’t planted?”

On “compliments”:

“No, hold on, hold on. If you don’t compliment me when I walk by, that’s abuse. You didn’t bolster my self-esteem. I want to find you. I want to start a coalition against women who don’t compliment men”

On a woman in New York City not wanting to be cat-called:

“Right, I get it. I live there. No one’s holding a gun to your head telling you, you have to live in New York City, first of all”


Full transcript available here. Conversation was a reaction to this video, in case you haven’t seen it yet.


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