The sweater is slowly, slowly starting to look more like a sweater:

IMG_0371 Hiro has an interesting hemline- you knit a certain length in the twisted rib, which you can see here, then you knit the same length in stockinette- which I had finally started at this point. Once they’re equal length, you knit the bottom provisional cast-on stitches together with your regular stitches, and it creates a nice and thick bottom hem to your sweater. Of course, this is probably really common and not new at all to a lot of knitters, but I’ve never encountered myself in a hand knit pattern, so I think it’s interesting and should add a really nice finishing detail.

I’m actually done with that flipping portion now, although I didn’t want to take another picture afterward.

And yes, I may have taken this picture at work. Where I was knitting…in between calls. And occasionally during calls. I don’t know, it helps me focus actually to have that to do with my hands. I actually think it makes me more level and attention when answering the phone, and less jittery and bored during the times when I have nothing to do, which this week were often. I’m part of what is basically the support team during the company’s open enrollment, which means that if there isn’t as big a need for enrollment support as expected, there’s not a lot for us to do.

Actually, I’m already thinking about where I’m going to apply next in case this job doesn’t turn into a permanent position, which I know it won’t, for at least some of my team. And while I know the best time to look for a job is when you have a job, it’s hard to feel that motivation or urgency, so I’ve looked a lot but not applied anywhere yet.

Meanwhile, someone is feeling a lot more comfortable around the apartment.

sunshine sleeping

Potty training is a slow and somewhat uphill battle, but she’s getting more used to everything here, and fights between her and my roommate’s dog are minimal. Occasionally they jump at each other, but most of that is really just playing, so I’m not too worried about that. And she has an obedience class next month! I am weirdly excited for that.

I’m also cold, so I’m going to go find some blankets to hide under until morning.


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