Sweater watch 2014: Day 9


Day 9, and I’m about 7 inches into sweater 1. That might sound like a lot, until you remember that I’m trying to finish two of these in 30 days. I’ve finished the first set of waist decreases, though, and hope to start the sleeves soon. The new problem, of course, is this: I don’t have enough yarn. When I bought this based on the sample in the shop, I swear it said “made with four balls of Rowan pure wood worsted”. Maybe they meant 4 balls total, but while that might have been four balls total, I need more than one ball of the main color. Way more. I’m already on all 2, and I only bought 2 of the grey because, I don’t know, I’m delusional, like I’ve said before. Utterly delusional, apparently.

I have to stop at a knitting shop somewhere this week to grab more. Even though it’s not really in the budget. Because I refuse to give up on this challenge.

Of course, my novel is a bit draggy- just around 8000 words right now when I should be at nearly twice that right now. But I’m hoping the right mix of caffeine one of these mornings or evenings and I’ll be back on track.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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