stpaulsnownovIt snowed last night. I suppose I should be pleasantly surprised that the snow waited this long, and in a way I am, although I’m also freezing cold all of a sudden, and also my dog doesn’t like walking on the snow and doesn’t know where to pee now. Seriously, she cannot figure out that the grass she was peeing on yesterday is still there, under the snow.

I’m also peeved at what happens in the first snowfall of the season in regards to everyone forgetting how to drive. It took me 50 minutes to get from Uptown to Downtown today, and I ended up 20 minutes late to work- forgiven, thankfully, since a lot of other people had similar lateness issues. I would be happy to not have much more snow for right now though, please, at least not until I finish a wool sweater.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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