More yarn.

I got more yarn.

I went to The Yarnery for the first time tonight. Possibly the best known yarn shop in Minnesota, The Yarnery lives in a house on Grand Ave, St. Paul. Normally I wouldn’t go the the next town over just to get some more Rowan. But, unbelievably to me, I had already gone to two other yarn shops that were closer to me with no luck- neither even sold Rowan yarn, let alone the shade that I needed. The one I visited this afternoon, which I have been in a couple times and thought was a nice funky store, was even a crappy experience today- an entire knitting group was there, plus at least two employees I could see, and no one in the knitting part of the shop (the other half sells furniture) even said hello to me or acknowledged my existence beyond a stare, let alone offered to help me. I just walked all through, didn’t see what I needed, and left. Incidentally, I had actually emailed that store earlier this week specifically asking if they carried what I needed, and no one replied. I had shrugged it off and assumed they were busy, but now I feel like it was intentional. I would have appreciated at least a “no”. I don’t understand why you would work in a place like that and not want to help your customers. Presumably you all share the same love for something.

The Yarnery, though, was very polite. Everyone I saw who worked there greeted me or offered to help, and one person even talked to me at length about a sample piece she saw me eyeing and telling me about the yarn used. Of course I probably can’t afford to buy any more yarn until sometime next November, but it was nice to have someone really talk to me and offer some help  or suggestions. To give me that moment of “isn’t it great that we both share the same love (or maybe obsession) for something?”… That’s what I want when I go into a yarn or knitting store. I want to feel like you love this as much as I do, and therefore you can actually help me to find what I need, whether it’s the thing I knew I needed or something else entirely. Because if you’re a knitting store selling fabulous yarn from all over the world, even some from practically around the corner, but you can’t live up to that product…I might as well go to Joann Fabrics, or go online, because customer service is what really sets you apart. And while I do order yarn online I try to buy it from a store when I can. I like the interaction and I like to feel part of something, and I like to help small businesses whenever I can…plus the costs are usually not much of a difference, and I value the immediacy I can get from buying it in person.

But of course, so much for that immediacy, because I didn’t manage to knit a single stitch of that sweater today. I spent the late morning watching my roommate’s hockey game, then to the failed yarn shop. The we went to chipotle (we had free lunch coupons), a Barnes and noble that was closing, and finally The Yarnery. By the time we got back from all of that I had to take the dog out (time consuming) and only had a little time before I had to go to my yoga class at the YMCA. Then I met my roommate there afterward and we went to target, then I spent another better part of an hour on Poop Watch (still no second poop from her today- maybe it’s just a one poop day? Huh.)

Between all of that I just never got down to it. Tomorrow, tohugh, I hope to run very few errands and have some time in the evening Tuesday I have to decide between Knitters’ guild and yogaflow. I’m honestly leaning toward yoga right now, if only because the speaker this month is talking about felting, which is probably my least favorite form of knitting even, even more so than chenille. Although chenille is pretty gross.

Looking forward, though, I think the week will be pretty good for knitting even if it isn’t so great for my novel (shhh I don’t want to talk about it). Also not so great for tiny dogs who hate the cold, but I’m hoping I can switch around that one… Or at least get her moving a little faster.


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Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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