Losing track

Am I the only one who feels like one errand can turn into a three hour journey, and in fact it almost always does? For example: when I got home from work I was supposed to go to Costco so I could buy eggs (my roommate wanted a couple other things, I mostly just wanted to get eggs). Then she says hey, want to go to the ymca? Sure, I’m feeling fat, probably should. Then she says wait, the dogs are playing! So we watch the dogs. For like ten minutes. Then we leave, traffic is weird and busy in parts. She goes to get a car wash. We get to Costco and it is already almost 8. We wander. We end up looking at the books and the snack food. All I buy are eggs. We leave and it is 8.15 or so. We get to the YMCA and it is already after 8.30. We give it a half an hour, which turns into more time, we finally get home and it is almost 10 and I was so, so hungry. So not it’s nearly 11, I’m only just doing any writing, knitting is out of the question, my dog wants me to go to bed, and it’s cold and I’m sleepy. Winter is like that for me. Time just goes without me realizing it.
It really feels like winter now, too. Perpetual snow on the ground and icy slush on the sidewalks, bad drivers and never enough layers. Maybe I can get up early tomorrow and knit then. I feel like I have to finish this sweater so I can finish mine, because I dont have any wool sweaters that look good enough to wear to work, and I think we all know I don’t have the money to go buy any nice ones.
Interestingly enough, I saw something on reddit today where someone asked, “why knit a sweater?”. I see this from time to time, and people ask me all the time why you would knit things, because buying stuff is so cheap. But ten someone else made the point that a sweater in a store that is actually 100% wool, let alone something really nice like merino or cashmere, is way more expensive than your average store bought acrylic/cotton/ maybe wool sweater, and it made me feel a little better about the expensiveness of knitting. Not a lot ( I really have spent a lot of money on knitting compared to other hobbies I have), but, well, a little.

Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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