Taking shape

Today I missed yoga because what I had thought would be a five minute phone call turned into a thirty five minute phone call. That’s what the last week or so has been like at work. This job I’ve been doing is basically as customer service, and often sort of tech support, for an insurance nonprofit. Right now we’re getting the employees of the places they use the insurance to enroll for their benefits. Because of the nature of this nonprofit, a lot of these people are old. Many of them are very busy. Some are cranky.
Additionally, there have been issues nobody expected. Website errors that make no sense and persist weeks later. Unclear messages. Chain of command mishaps. This is probably not unusual in the world of offices and healthcare and life, although some of it still astounds me. There is so much said of helping customers and advocating for tem, and yet people in their 80s and beyond are expected to use computers and somewhat faulty websites to communicate. It feels hypocritical.


Meanwhile, though, a sweater emerges. I knit at work when it’s slow- while in a lot of jobs I wouldn’t try this, the reality is that even during the busy times, you might have 5, 10, 20 minutes without anything to do. I’ve been running live chat for the websites, which means I might have a half an hour of nothing to do before another person comes along. I honestly don’t know what people who don’t knit do in these situations. Even though I’ll be working, getting paid, if I don’t have knitting with me I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing all day. Read newspaper articles and played ipad games I guess. Not the best way to feel like a productive, improving, non-depressed individual. So I knit.

I’ve finished the sweater body, except for the yoke. I’m probably halfway through a sleeve, maybe more that half, sleeves go pretty quickly so it’s hard to tell. I was thinkng about knitting both the sleeves at once, but the colorwork portion made that too hard, and then it seems to go against the logic of two-at-a-time knitting if you take a bunch of time to pause, readjust needles, retread, pick of stitches, or whatever else when in that time I could have just cast on, done the colorwork chart, and kept knitting. Which is what I did.

I’m telling myself I can finish the sleeve tomorrow, then start the second, maybe finish the yoke and start blocking this thing over the weekend. Then I can jump right into the second one without a thought, except maybe the thought that I probably still need more grey yarn. At this point I don’t know if the two sweaters in November thing is still a possibility at all, although i try not to underestimate myself. Well actually I do underestimate myself all the time, but right now I’m trying to be weirdly hopeful instead. It’s more fun than sitting around listening to my grumpy dog.

She’s actually getting much better adjusted, although sudden noises still put her in alert, and she still has no idea where she’s supposed to pee. If you take her outside and she has to go, great. If she has to go inside though, she makes no effort to let me know unless she’s on my bed. If she’s on the floor, especially the rug, she just goes. Too busy playing to stop, I guess. So just go.

My guess is part of the problem is trying to train her to go outside when it’s also starting to get really cold. She isn’t used to the outside at all yet, let alone snow and ice and wind. At least that’s what I tell myself, since I really don’t know anything about dog training. All I know is what I want my dog to be able to do, and what I want her to stop doing, and what I see other people do to get their dogs to do those things better.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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