A badly timed accident


Last night, at long last, I finished my first sleeve and set it aside. Then this morning I jumped back into the second. It was going pretty well, although I rarely had a chance to work on it today. And then, at the end of the day, I closed the bottle of soda I was drinking, put it in my bag next to my knitting and my iPad, and went to the elevator.

And sometime around walking out of said elevator, my bag started to leak.

My my first thought was, “my iPad!”


My second thought was, “MY KNITTING!”

As it was, my iPad was fine. I had to wipe it down when I got home, but very little wetness got in it-I had immediately transferred everything of importance out of my bag and into a grocery bag from earlier that day- however, my knitting was another story. It got wet, and when it got wet, it did what wool does, and soaked a ton of diet Dr. Pepper right in.  I’m trying not to worry too much because I mean, I already knew I would probably need to block this when it was done, which would include rinsing it out, so it isn’t so bad. And the yarn is super wash, so there’s no damage. But it is wet, which means that I can’t knit it anymore until it dries.

i had already worried that I wouldn’t finish my two sweaters of knitting, and now I’m faced with worrying that I won’t finish one sweater.  I did, however, have a backup.




What you see on top of this pile of sad, forgotten projects is my three movies sweater I started this early last spring,right as the polar vortex was letting go, with the intent of finishing it before another cold snap. I was doing pretty well too, it’s an incredibly easy and intuitive sweater, until I ran out of the yarn,…but then I could more at savers. Exactly the right kind! Or maybe it was goodwill where I found it first. Anyway, I kept finding yarn of that type at thrift stores. One skein at a time, and so this pattern continued into late spring,finishing a little and then having to put it aside. And before you ask, yea, I tried to find the yarn at Joann. I couldn’t find the color way the first two or three times I tried, then it was warm and knitting a bulky weight wool sweater felt stupid even to me. And then I got busy.

But a few weeks ago now I found myself at Joann, and I looked, and there wa actually the color way I needed, in stock, and on sale. I bought another skein and here we go. Just the second sleeve and the neckline to do. I am pretty excited, because I hope for this to be the sweater I can wear through the coldest winter days when I don’t want to leave the apartment. I’m even thinking that a slightly lighter weight, on smaller needles, of the same pattern might be an awesome idea, I feel like this is a sweater that, if made well, could be both very simple and very polished. And so away we goo. I’m hoping that I can go back to the other sweater sleeve tomorrow, but we will have to see how it goes.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

2 thoughts on “A badly timed accident”

  1. Hello i ‘ m triing to do the three movies sweater too but i doń t understand How to increase for the sleeves: ” extend every other row ùntil 45 sets on needle”: it s m’y first sweater with the magic loop and i m in despear! ( sorry for my english .. I m french!

    1. Well, what I did was make one stitch every 5 stitches for the first increase row, getting to 31 stitches, then I increased by one stitch every other row until I had 43 stitches. I think the original is 45 stitches, and I am actually thinking I may have to extend my sleeves a little bit to the 45 stitches and lengthen a little too. Hope that’s helpful!

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