The first of many tributes to Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has been on Netflix for a few weeks now, and I’ve wanted to watch it again. It’s a show I loved in high school and college and still remember fondly. But this past week has just felt like the right time to watch it, mostly because I’ve always sort of associated the show with winter and with snow.

Also with pizza. And eating in general.
Also with pizza. And eating in general.

It’s both fun and weird to watch it again, just like with other things I liked in middle school and high school, of course my perspective has changed, and so has life. Everybody still uses landlines in these shows. People have pagers. Very few people have laptops.
And of course, these shows also make me think about certain things. Just like Buffy always makes me think I need to work out more (and maybe put on some lipstick), Rory makes me feel like I should have tried harder in school. Maybe I should have applied for Yale just to see what would happen. Or maybe not. At its core, I think Gilmore Girls is vey much whose about expectations. What you expect isn’t always what it seems, and even when it is what it seems, it’s not necessarily what you wanted. image image
And, of course, just because we think we want or need something doesn’t mean we do or that we should. Wanting it doesn’t mean it’s good for sure- that’s like a nutshell summary of both Lorelei and her daughter Rory’s love lives. You know what’s funny to me, I’ve always wanted to identify with Rory. And yet as the seasons went on, especially the last year or so, I found myself identifying more and more with Lorelai given the choice, I guess, bectween being the good student who is nice to everyone or the independent crafty one who never knows the right thing to say, I guess I end up leaning toward the second. Even though I always got good grades in school and didn’t cause trouble, I guess I relate more with, and prefer, someone with flaws. Although the I suppose that changes too, ask me again next week and maybe Ill tell you that I identify most with Rory. It depends on my mood….although either way, season 1 is making me wish I’d been the right age in the late 90s and early 2000s for more cowboy boots and rhinestones.


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