Finishing all the things.

I left my second sleeve at work today. It was the last day before a long weekend, lots of stress, and then they told us they were closing early- and In my efforts to Get ready to go…it did not make it into my bag. I realized this when I was more than halfway to the YMCA, of course, with no chance to go back. Add this to not having my credit card so I couldn’t buy a hostess gift for my roommate’s grandmother for thanksgiving, although she told me I shouldn’t, so whatever…and I still haven’t gotten paid for last week, thanks to a combination of me, my supervisor, and someone in the universe’s payroll office.

Overall, just a really discombobulating afternoon.

But, well, now I have time to finish all the things. All the things I need to finish, and haven’t. If it still adds up to Two sweaters total by the end of the month, I’ll call that success.

First up is my three movies sweater. I’m hard at work on it, although it may go out of the running again because I am about to completely run out of yarn.
After that I know there’s a few other accessories I need to finish, and probably even space for another sweater to work on, it really depends on how much other cleaning and crap can get done in the meantime. I took Monday off as well, In the hope for a long weekend and lots of them to clean and knit.

Good thing I have plenty of help.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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