for the last few years, holidays in general have been kind of weird to me, and thanksgiving is no exception. I’m not in school anymore, so the time off isn’t as exciting. And I don’t live at home, so the idea of a special meal isn’t automatic. And if I want to do anything else on a holiday, like go out or go to a movie or do a run or go on vacation or whatever, I have to get myself there myself and make it work. And most of the time in recent years, I haven’t had the money or time or willpower to do much of any of those things. I don’t go home for holidays, much too the surprised of people I meet. Of course, a big part of it is money, although to be honest I also find traveling during holiday seasons, when everyone else is traveling, to be way too stressful to be worth it (sorry family). This year I didn’t even have the cash to register for a 5K on thanksgiving, and it was also super cold this morning, so it’s not likely I would have followed through anyway, really. I learned that when I did a coupe colder weather events last year. It’s easy to justify yourself right out of even finishing.

So today? I started knitting a headband, because I wanted a cute hair accessory. I went to the gym and did a yoga class- the YMCA is apparently open on thanksgiving, and to be honest I am very thankful, because it’s a great service to have access to on thanksgiving, much more important for them to be open than, say, target.
Then my roommate and I went to whole foods, since she had forgotten the dee sugar. I hated having to go into a store on thanksgiving, although at least I didn’t buy anything and I got to see some of the people I worked with there, so that was nice.
Then it was home for her to finish her whipped cream, and I went to her grandmother’s. It’s always nice, for the melt part, to have someone else’s family to see when you can’t see your own. Although it’s also easy to feel out of the loop. They’re not your family and you don’t share the history, so everything either has to be explained to you or just floats over your head.
The was plenty to eat at least, although I had way too many carbs. Not like that’s a surprise for a vegetarian at thanksgiving, although there was at least some good gluten free stuff.

Intesting side note to think about, last thanksgiving was the day I stopped eating wheat. Nearly a year ago. For the most part I feel better, and don’t miss it, so I think that’s something else to be thankful for. My stomach problems are almost totally under control, and while It might make me sound like a clueless and stupid hipster, I can’t help but feel like my diet change is part of why. Although I do need to get back on track, which I will do for the rest of the year at leat.

I signed up for the YMCA healthy holiday challenge, which is good because it’s a way for me to chart myself for the rest of the year. Maybe I can even keep going into the new year. I plan to a t least log my. Running and other workouts. It’s something a,to of successful athletes do but tThat I have never tried.

Overall I’m thankful. I’m mostly healthy. I have a job. I have a roommate who I get along with nearly all the time and, of course, an adorable dog who I feel I’m making progress with every day (she actually played with a toy today!). Of course I have things to improve, but I also feel right now like I have the tools in my skill set to make those improvements. We’ll find out, I guess.


Author: elizabethlorraine

Writer, actress, runner, knitter, and geek.

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