Finishing all the things.

I left my second sleeve at work today. It was the last day before a long weekend, lots of stress, and then they told us they were closing early- and In my efforts to Get ready to go…it did not make it into my bag. I realized this when I was more than halfway to the YMCA, of course, with no chance to go back. Add this to not having my credit card so I couldn’t buy a hostess gift for my roommate’s grandmother for thanksgiving, although she told me I shouldn’t, so whatever…and I still haven’t gotten paid for last week, thanks to a combination of me, my supervisor, and someone in the universe’s payroll office.

Overall, just a really discombobulating afternoon.

But, well, now I have time to finish all the things. All the things I need to finish, and haven’t. If it still adds up to Two sweaters total by the end of the month, I’ll call that success.

First up is my three movies sweater. I’m hard at work on it, although it may go out of the running again because I am about to completely run out of yarn.
After that I know there’s a few other accessories I need to finish, and probably even space for another sweater to work on, it really depends on how much other cleaning and crap can get done in the meantime. I took Monday off as well, In the hope for a long weekend and lots of them to clean and knit.

Good thing I have plenty of help.


The first of many tributes to Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls has been on Netflix for a few weeks now, and I’ve wanted to watch it again. It’s a show I loved in high school and college and still remember fondly. But this past week has just felt like the right time to watch it, mostly because I’ve always sort of associated the show with winter and with snow.

Also with pizza. And eating in general.
Also with pizza. And eating in general.

It’s both fun and weird to watch it again, just like with other things I liked in middle school and high school, of course my perspective has changed, and so has life. Everybody still uses landlines in these shows. People have pagers. Very few people have laptops.
And of course, these shows also make me think about certain things. Just like Buffy always makes me think I need to work out more (and maybe put on some lipstick), Rory makes me feel like I should have tried harder in school. Maybe I should have applied for Yale just to see what would happen. Or maybe not. At its core, I think Gilmore Girls is vey much whose about expectations. What you expect isn’t always what it seems, and even when it is what it seems, it’s not necessarily what you wanted. image image
And, of course, just because we think we want or need something doesn’t mean we do or that we should. Wanting it doesn’t mean it’s good for sure- that’s like a nutshell summary of both Lorelei and her daughter Rory’s love lives. You know what’s funny to me, I’ve always wanted to identify with Rory. And yet as the seasons went on, especially the last year or so, I found myself identifying more and more with Lorelai given the choice, I guess, bectween being the good student who is nice to everyone or the independent crafty one who never knows the right thing to say, I guess I end up leaning toward the second. Even though I always got good grades in school and didn’t cause trouble, I guess I relate more with, and prefer, someone with flaws. Although the I suppose that changes too, ask me again next week and maybe Ill tell you that I identify most with Rory. It depends on my mood….although either way, season 1 is making me wish I’d been the right age in the late 90s and early 2000s for more cowboy boots and rhinestones.

A badly timed accident


Last night, at long last, I finished my first sleeve and set it aside. Then this morning I jumped back into the second. It was going pretty well, although I rarely had a chance to work on it today. And then, at the end of the day, I closed the bottle of soda I was drinking, put it in my bag next to my knitting and my iPad, and went to the elevator.

And sometime around walking out of said elevator, my bag started to leak.

My my first thought was, “my iPad!”


My second thought was, “MY KNITTING!”

As it was, my iPad was fine. I had to wipe it down when I got home, but very little wetness got in it-I had immediately transferred everything of importance out of my bag and into a grocery bag from earlier that day- however, my knitting was another story. It got wet, and when it got wet, it did what wool does, and soaked a ton of diet Dr. Pepper right in.  I’m trying not to worry too much because I mean, I already knew I would probably need to block this when it was done, which would include rinsing it out, so it isn’t so bad. And the yarn is super wash, so there’s no damage. But it is wet, which means that I can’t knit it anymore until it dries.

i had already worried that I wouldn’t finish my two sweaters of knitting, and now I’m faced with worrying that I won’t finish one sweater.  I did, however, have a backup.




What you see on top of this pile of sad, forgotten projects is my three movies sweater I started this early last spring,right as the polar vortex was letting go, with the intent of finishing it before another cold snap. I was doing pretty well too, it’s an incredibly easy and intuitive sweater, until I ran out of the yarn,…but then I could more at savers. Exactly the right kind! Or maybe it was goodwill where I found it first. Anyway, I kept finding yarn of that type at thrift stores. One skein at a time, and so this pattern continued into late spring,finishing a little and then having to put it aside. And before you ask, yea, I tried to find the yarn at Joann. I couldn’t find the color way the first two or three times I tried, then it was warm and knitting a bulky weight wool sweater felt stupid even to me. And then I got busy.

But a few weeks ago now I found myself at Joann, and I looked, and there wa actually the color way I needed, in stock, and on sale. I bought another skein and here we go. Just the second sleeve and the neckline to do. I am pretty excited, because I hope for this to be the sweater I can wear through the coldest winter days when I don’t want to leave the apartment. I’m even thinking that a slightly lighter weight, on smaller needles, of the same pattern might be an awesome idea, I feel like this is a sweater that, if made well, could be both very simple and very polished. And so away we goo. I’m hoping that I can go back to the other sweater sleeve tomorrow, but we will have to see how it goes.



One of the many reasons to adopt a dog: warmth. Like a tiny little feet-warmer that you can put on your couch or in your bed. They can even improve the feeling of intense boredom that comes with knitting a sleeve for someone with incredibly long arms.

I mean seriously…what’s the worst part about knitting a sleeve?

the fact that then you have to knit a second sleeve.


Second worst part about knitting a sleeve?

when your Netflix and Hulu both don’t want to function.



On on the bright side, I went to two different exercise classes today- body flow in the morning, which is a combination of yoga and tai chi and Pilates (and which I am incredibly terrible at),  and an evening yoga class (which I am slightly less terrible at). While I’m not sure I’ve ever improved at anything as slowly as I’m improving at yoga, it is fun, and I think it makes me feel fitter and sort of…longer, I guess, if that makes any sense. Like I can stand taller afterward, walk better. Knit better? (Yeah, Nope.)



Taking shape

Today I missed yoga because what I had thought would be a five minute phone call turned into a thirty five minute phone call. That’s what the last week or so has been like at work. This job I’ve been doing is basically as customer service, and often sort of tech support, for an insurance nonprofit. Right now we’re getting the employees of the places they use the insurance to enroll for their benefits. Because of the nature of this nonprofit, a lot of these people are old. Many of them are very busy. Some are cranky.
Additionally, there have been issues nobody expected. Website errors that make no sense and persist weeks later. Unclear messages. Chain of command mishaps. This is probably not unusual in the world of offices and healthcare and life, although some of it still astounds me. There is so much said of helping customers and advocating for tem, and yet people in their 80s and beyond are expected to use computers and somewhat faulty websites to communicate. It feels hypocritical.


Meanwhile, though, a sweater emerges. I knit at work when it’s slow- while in a lot of jobs I wouldn’t try this, the reality is that even during the busy times, you might have 5, 10, 20 minutes without anything to do. I’ve been running live chat for the websites, which means I might have a half an hour of nothing to do before another person comes along. I honestly don’t know what people who don’t knit do in these situations. Even though I’ll be working, getting paid, if I don’t have knitting with me I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing all day. Read newspaper articles and played ipad games I guess. Not the best way to feel like a productive, improving, non-depressed individual. So I knit.

I’ve finished the sweater body, except for the yoke. I’m probably halfway through a sleeve, maybe more that half, sleeves go pretty quickly so it’s hard to tell. I was thinkng about knitting both the sleeves at once, but the colorwork portion made that too hard, and then it seems to go against the logic of two-at-a-time knitting if you take a bunch of time to pause, readjust needles, retread, pick of stitches, or whatever else when in that time I could have just cast on, done the colorwork chart, and kept knitting. Which is what I did.

I’m telling myself I can finish the sleeve tomorrow, then start the second, maybe finish the yoke and start blocking this thing over the weekend. Then I can jump right into the second one without a thought, except maybe the thought that I probably still need more grey yarn. At this point I don’t know if the two sweaters in November thing is still a possibility at all, although i try not to underestimate myself. Well actually I do underestimate myself all the time, but right now I’m trying to be weirdly hopeful instead. It’s more fun than sitting around listening to my grumpy dog.

She’s actually getting much better adjusted, although sudden noises still put her in alert, and she still has no idea where she’s supposed to pee. If you take her outside and she has to go, great. If she has to go inside though, she makes no effort to let me know unless she’s on my bed. If she’s on the floor, especially the rug, she just goes. Too busy playing to stop, I guess. So just go.

My guess is part of the problem is trying to train her to go outside when it’s also starting to get really cold. She isn’t used to the outside at all yet, let alone snow and ice and wind. At least that’s what I tell myself, since I really don’t know anything about dog training. All I know is what I want my dog to be able to do, and what I want her to stop doing, and what I see other people do to get their dogs to do those things better.